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At Let’s Get It Sorted we provide our services to a whole variety of Customers – from decluttering a shed, garage or house to helping a person with significant hoarding behaviour. We’ve recently been helping out a client in Littlehampton, West Sussex, who is coming out of hospital after being diagnosed with hoarding disorder and it brought to light the support network that is available for anyone struggling with this debilitating disorder. Many of us have seen the television shows such as Obsessive Compulsive Hoarder, which while beneficial in raising awareness – often present unrealistic scenarios in regard to support that is available.  As such, I felt that it was important to share some of the support we and others provide for hoarding issues.

Our client, who we shall call Mary for her confidentiality, was put in touch with HoardingUK, The National UK Charity for people impacted by Hoarding Behaviours. HoardingUK was established in 2008 and is the only UK-wide charity solely dedicated to supporting people affected. They aim to empower individuals experiencing hoarding behaviours to achieve spatial and personal change to reduce isolation and improve their health and well-being. HoardingUK have been helping Mary to understand why she began to hoard, how she can eliminate hoarding and arranged for Let’s Get It Sorted to help Mary make her studio flat her home again.

Of course, decluttering and clearing a space can be daunting at the best of times. Mary felt that she couldn’t cope with the sheer volume of clutter that had built up. HoardingUK got in touch with Let’s Get It Sorted to organise for a team of 2 to work alongside her to get some order back in place. We cleared the Bathroom and Kitchen first, and then the main room. Together we cleared items which housed dust mites, moths, spiders.  Through the hard work, collaborative working and commitment of Mary and the team, she now has a space where she doesn’t feel stressed and anxious, a space she can now call home.


A key factor for Mary was that she didn’t want all her items just thrown away. There was clothing, old newspapers and leaflets and items destined for the charity shop. We have ensured that anything that can be recycled has been, anything that is reusable has gone to the charity shop and the absolute minimum has gone to landfill. This itself has helped Mary to conquer the clutter!  What’s more, she has had the support of HoardingUK throughout the whole time – calling her at the beginning and at the end of the day.

We think that HoardingUK have, and continue to offer, a fantastic support service and would highly recommend anyone with hoarding issues to get in touch with HoardingUK to help support them to develop a process of change based on what the person is able to participate in, versus being focused on removal.

Mary was ready.  With the support of Let’s Get it Sorted and HoardingUK she put in place both the decluttering and psychological support she needed.

If you feel you or someone you know needs help with hoarding behaviours, get in touch with HoardingUK via their free and confidential helpline on T: 020 3239 1600 E: W:


If you’re ready to declutter then please get in touch by visiting or sending an email to

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2016 – What a Year!


First of all, a Happy New Year to all of our past, present and future clients! We hope 2017 is a happy, healthy, decluttered year for you all!

What a year 2016 has been – our busiest yet! We’ve helped out so many clients this year from decluttering sheds, houses and garages to a helping out a hoarder with clearing their home. We’ve sorted and filed numerous piles of paperwork, assisted with booking helicopters and hired out plenty of our vintage crockery for weddings, birthdays and baby showers! And it hasn’t stopped there. We have gift wrapped over 1300 items this year for our private clients, corporate clients and even some celebs!

Let’s Get It Sorted are delighted to have helped so many people and we look forward to being there for many more!

Christmas preparations are in full swing!

Well, Christmas is certainly in full swing! Yesterday we had a full day of gift wrapping with over 100 parcels now ready to go sit under the Christmas Tree. We have been inundated with bookings this year which is fantastic and they have been all around London and the South East – even with a couple of celebs thrown in!

As part of our service we are offering a 3 tier price band – Basic, Standard and Premium. We can also offer the service where you provide the wrapping and we will wrap it for you. And of course, we are a mobile service so we can come to you, or we can collect, wrap and then deliver back to you – whatever is easiest for you.

With only another 15 days until Christmas, I need to get on and start wrapping my own presents…

Let’s Get It Blogged!

Welcome to our blog! From here we will post regular updates about our work and services we can offer! We’ll be bringing you some innovative ideas of how to de-clutter and bring order and organisation into your lives, whether it’s a study, garage or an entire barn, sometimes we all need help to get started.

Getting a different perspective and a helpful pair of hands on the job has worked wonders for many of our clients, but don’t just take our work for it, see what they’ve been saying!

De-cluttering isn’t just about bringing order to your home or business, sometimes it’s necessary due to losing a loved one, going through probate, facing a divorce, or downsizing to a smaller property or nursing home – we all need help and support during these difficult times.

We look forward to bringing you further updates soon!