We can help you to tidy up and clear any drawer, cupboard or room in your house. From the loft to the basement, garage or shed, we can help you get to grips with your belongings. Everyone deals with things in different ways and we make sure that we work the way you want to work. You can be there with us to work through to achieve order or you can give us instructions to follow and tell us to get on with it.

A saying that we love here at Let’s Get It Sorted – “From Hoarder to Order – your mess is our challenge!”


Having to clear a home for a loved one, for whatever reason, is always a struggle. We understand that this is a difficult time and we want to be there to support you with the sensitivity, thoughtfulness and care we have practiced. We can clear entire properties for you and ensure that unwanted paperwork is disposed of confidentially.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

As an environmentally-friendly business, we strongly support the drive to reduce, reuse and recycle. As part of our service, we will remove your belongings and find them a new home – be it at a charity shop, a local school or organisation. If it is no longer fit for purpose then we will ensure that it does not end up in landfill but is recycled.


Filing / Sorting

  • Filing of Personal Paperwork of any kind
  • Cataloging
  • Digital Organisation – photos, files and documents
  • Producing inventories
  • Organising photos – whether you want them categorised on your computer or put into photo albums. Or maybe you want your photos scanned on to your PC?

Photo Organising

We offer a state of the art photo scanning service where we can scan in your original photos, up to the size of A4, and convert these to digital format. These are then saved to a hard drive or memory stick that is either provided by us or yourself.

We offer a variety of packages that also include organising the photos into relevant folders to make them easier to view and can also supply a digital photo frame so you can view your photos easily.


Moving / Selling House

Moving house can prove to be a stressful experience and you may feel that you need some support during the process. Let’s Get It Sorted can assist you in:

  • Decluttering your belongings to make your house more attractive to future buyers, as well as ensuring you don’t pay to move¬†unnecessary or unwanted items to your new home
  • Securely packing up your belongings, and unpacking at the other end
  • Supervise the move on the day and arrange any necessary storage
  • We can also provide the removals packaging – boxes, tape and packaging materials.